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How to take a picture for tongue and face diagnosis

Step 1:

  • Use a smart phone

  • Turn on the flash


Step 2:


  • Stand in front of a mirror with good light

  • Hold the phone so that the screen faces the mirror and the camera towards you

  • Adjust so your nose and mouth are in the viewer


Step 3:

  • Stick out the tongue naturally relaxed

  • Do not force, extend or curl your tongue

  • To focus the camera, touch the screen over your tongue

  • Take a picture


Step 4:

  • Ensure that the camera flashed

  • Check the photo- zoom in

  • The image should be IN FOCUS, clear, crisp with no blurriness or shadows


Step 5:

  • Follow the same steps, but place your tongue to the roof of your mouth behind your teeth

Step 6:

  • Take one picture of your whole face, preferably without any makeup and in daylight for the face diagnosis.

Step 7:

  • Please email or WhatsApp your three pictures 

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